Ricochet Leaves WWE After Dramatic Exit, Sparks AEW Rumors

Ricochet (WWE)

Over the weekend, news emerged that Ricochet had decided not to renew his contract with WWE, which was set to expire in the summer. Reports on Monday confirmed that Ricochet, a former WWE United States and Intercontinental Champion, was not scheduled for any more events past this week’s episode of “WWE Raw.”

The expectation was that he would be written off the show, which indeed happened when Breakker ended Ricochet’s WWE career (at least for the time being) by power-slamming him into a car windshield during a backstage altercation.

Despite not having a final match on “Raw,” Ricochet was involved in the storyline through his friend Ilja Dragunov, who had a match against Breakker. Before the match, Ricochet and Dragunov shared a moment of mutual admiration backstage.

Ricochet (WWE)

Following Dragunov’s defeat, Breakker attempted to spear him through the barricade but was intercepted by Ricochet, who leaped from the barricade and took Breakker down, surprising fans who were anticipating a more severe confrontation.

The fans’ anticipation for a more intense confrontation was quickly met. In the parking lot, Breakker, still enraged, attacked Dragunov again.

When Ricochet tried to intervene, Breakker viciously attacked him, throwing him into a WWE truck and beating him against a car before slamming him into another truck with Jimmy Hart’s image. The power slam that followed caused a brief trend of “REAL GLASS” on social media platform X (formerly Twitter).

Samantha Irvin, Ricochet’s fiancée, watched in horror as he was brutalized and later joined him as he was taken away in an ambulance, with Pat McAfee temporarily taking over her ring announcing duties.

As Ricochet was being loaded into the ambulance, he gave a thumbs-up while Dragunov looked on. The final image of Ricochet was the soles of his shoes, leaving many to speculate that he is expected to sign with AEW.

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