Kevin Nash Reflects on Intense Hell in a Cell Feud with Triple H at Bad Blood 2003

Kevin Nash and Triple H
Kevin Nash and Triple H (WWE)

After returning to WWE in 2003, Hall of Famer Kevin Nash got into a heated feud with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H. Their intense rivalry peaked with a Hell in a Cell match at the Bad Blood pay-per-view, where Mick Foley was the special guest referee. Recently, on his podcast “Kliq This,” Nash talked about this tough match, highlighting the psychological aspects involved.

Nash recounted that WWE officials initially approached him with the idea of a Hell in a Cell match against Levesque. He agreed to the stipulation under the condition that the action stayed confined within the cell. However, the officials expressed doubts about the match’s potential, suggesting it would be lackluster, and decided to involve Foley as a referee to add more interest.

Nash was frustrated by this, arguing that the storyline psychology dictated a straightforward, intense confrontation between him and Levesque, given that Levesque had been evading him throughout their feud. Nash believed he should have emerged victorious in this match, even if Levesque reclaimed the title shortly after.

Kevin Nash and Triple H
Kevin Nash and Triple H (WWE)

On the same Bad Blood event, Levesque’s stablemate Ric Flair faced off against Shawn Michaels, an ally of Nash. As Michaels was nearing victory, Randy Orton, another member of Evolution, interfered by striking Michaels with a chair, allowing Flair to secure the win.

This interference underscored the dominance of Evolution on that night. The losses for both Nash and Michaels were significant, especially considering their roles as leading babyfaces at the time.

Following their defeats at Bad Blood, Nash and Michaels faced further repercussions. Upon arriving at the venue for the subsequent episode of “WWE Raw,” both were informed that they would be sent home.

This decision highlighted the shift in momentum within WWE storylines, as the top babyfaces were momentarily sidelined, reflecting the evolving dynamics and ongoing power struggles within the company’s narrative arcs.

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