Chad Gable’s Transformation from Sami Zayn’s Ally to Seeking the Intercontinental Championship

Chad Gable
Chad Gable (WWE)

Chad Gable helped Sami Zayn win at WrestleMania 40 but now wants the Intercontinental Championship for himself. This makes him turn on Zayn and become a bad guy, disrespecting his teammates. Fans love this storyline on “WWE Raw.” It’s a big change from when he was called “Shorty G” from 2019-2020, which wasn’t his best time.

On a recent episode of the “Cheap Heat” podcast, former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz commended WWE for taking a risk on Gable’s new heel persona. Gewirtz acknowledged Gable’s perseverance through previous, less favorable gimmicks and emphasized that this new direction showcases Gable’s true talents.

Gewirtz highlighted that someone in WWE’s creative team, possibly Chief Creative Officer Paul Levesque, recognized Gable’s potential as a compelling, malicious heel character and gave him the freedom to fully embrace this role, leading to a successful transformation.

Chad Gable and Sami Zayn
Chad Gable’s Transformation from Sami Zayn’s Ally to Seeking the Intercontinental Championship (WWE)

Gewirtz pointed out that WWE could have easily dismissed Gable, sticking with the unremarkable “Shorty G” persona and eventually releasing him.

Instead, WWE’s faith in Gable has been rewarded, as he has effectively utilized his talents to enhance his character and storyline, earning a significant push in the process. Gewirtz emphasized that such risks in talent can pay off substantially, as evidenced by Gable’s current success.

Gewirtz drew parallels between Gable and Sami Zayn, noting that Zayn’s career also took off when he was allowed to showcase his full range of personality and talent. Zayn’s ability to captivate audiences, whether as a heel or a babyface, has led to his success, similar to Gable’s recent rise. Gewirtz concluded that placing trust in the talent of performers like Gable and Zayn can yield significant rewards, reinforcing the importance of creative risks in professional wrestling.

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