Trick Williams Challenges Booker T; Hall of Famer Prefers Mentorship Over Match

Trick Williams and Booker T
Trick Williams and Booker T (WWE)

Trick Williams has been on a winning streak since taking the NXT Championship from Ilja Dragunov at the Spring Breakin’ event in April. Recently, he suggested a title match against WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. However, despite Williams’ excitement and respect for Booker, the veteran wrestler hinted that this match probably won’t happen.

On his show “The Hall of Fame,” Booker T humorously addressed Williams’ challenge. He expressed admiration for Williams but explained his reluctance to step back into the ring.

Booker likened himself to Ronald Reagan, jesting that he wouldn’t take advantage of Williams’ inexperience. He emphasized his belief in Williams’ potential to dominate the wrestling world, preferring to support him from the sidelines rather than compete against him.

Trick Williams and Booker T
Trick Williams and Booker T (WWE)

Booker T also shared that although he maintains excellent physical condition and works out daily, his focus in the gym is solely on staying healthy. While he values the attention and the idea of a dream match, he feels his role is better suited as a mentor. He stated he would gladly help Williams behind the scenes, offering guidance and training without the pressure of a public match.

Ultimately, Booker T’s response reflects his dedication to fostering the next generation of wrestling talent. He expressed a willingness to support Williams in any way necessary, emphasizing mentorship over competition. Booker wants to see Williams succeed and is committed to helping him achieve greatness, albeit from a supportive, off-camera position.

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