Rossy Ogawa Launches Marigold After Removal from STARDOM, With Support from Triple H

Rossy Ogawa and Triple H
Rossy Ogawa and Triple H (WWE)

After his removal from STARDOM, the wrestling company he founded, Rossy Ogawa launched a new venture called Marigold in April. He was accused of trying to take talent from STARDOM in February. Earlier in the month, Ogawa was spotted with William Regal at a WWE event, showing that Marigold has a good relationship with WWE, especially regarding former STARDOM champion Giulia’s future.

In an interview with “Sports Graphic Number,” conducted in Japanese, Ogawa revealed that WWE CCO Paul “Triple H” Levesque had encouraged him to start Marigold. This encouragement came during an online meeting between Ogawa and Levesque in December.

Ogawa shared that Triple H expressed his willingness to support Ogawa’s endeavors, whether they were related to STARDOM or a new solo project, providing the impetus Ogawa needed to move forward with Marigold.

Rossy Ogawa and Triple H
Rossy Ogawa starts Marigold after leaving STARDOM (WWE)

Ogawa was still serving as STARDOM’s executive producer at the time of this conversation but had been contemplating a new venture since the spring of 2023. He mentioned that there were “voices asking for it,” which aligns with the talent poaching allegations from Bushiroad, the parent company of STARDOM.

This is highlighted by Marigold signing Giulia after she left STARDOM in March. Giulia is expected to join the “WWE NXT” roster later in the year, although her debut is contingent upon recovering from a wrist injury sustained during a Marigold event and completing her obligations with Ogawa’s new promotion.

Ogawa co-founded STARDOM in 2010 with All Japan Women’s veteran Nanae Takahashi and former pro wrestler and mixed martial artist Fuka Kakimoto.

In October 2019, it was announced that Bushiroad had acquired STARDOM, integrating it with New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) as a sister brand. This acquisition by Bushiroad positioned STARDOM alongside NJPW, creating a larger network within the wrestling industry.

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