Dana White Criticizes Potential Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson Fight Amid Heated Exchanges

Dana White, Jake Paul and Mike Tyson
Dana White, Jake Paul and Mike Tyson (UFC)

Dana White and Jake Paul have engaged in a heated exchange of words over the years since Paul entered the world of combat sports. Recently, with the postponement of Paul’s highly anticipated bout against boxing legend Mike Tyson due to Tyson’s health issues, other names have emerged as potential opponents for Paul.

Despite the excitement surrounding the matchup, UFC CEO Dana White has consistently shown disinterest in Paul’s celebrity-driven boxing career, particularly opposing the idea of Paul facing Tyson.

White criticized the potential matchup between Paul and Tyson, stating that a nearly 60-year-old man should not be fighting a 27-year-old regardless of their status.

He highlighted Paul’s loss to Tommy Fury, a boxer with a similar background and age, suggesting that such defeats deter Paul from facing legitimate boxing competition. Instead, White advocates for Paul to stick to facing MMA fighters, especially if it continues to draw viewership.

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson
Jake Paul and Mike Tyson (UFC)

Jake Paul, following his sole loss to Tommy Fury, has returned to winning ways with victories over MMA fighters Nate Diaz, Andre August, and Ryan Bourland. White acknowledges that Paul’s recent matchups, particularly against MMA opponents, are where his strengths lie and where he should focus his efforts.

Despite his criticisms, White acknowledges the business savvy of Paul, especially in securing deals with platforms like Netflix for his fights.

Regarding the potential matchup between Paul and Tyson, White remains critical, expressing concern for Tyson’s well-being and disapproval of Paul potentially defeating the boxing legend.

He emphasizes the age difference between the two fighters and questions the integrity of the sport if such a bout were to occur. If Tyson does step into the ring with Paul, it would mark his first professional boxing match since 2005, with his most recent appearance being an exhibition against Roy Jones Jr. in 2020, which ended in a split draw.

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