Eddie Alvarez Criticizes Sean Strickland’s Comments on UFC and BKFC Pay

Eddie Alvarez and Sean Strickland
Eddie Alvarez and Sean Strickland (UFC)

Eddie Alvarez, a former UFC champion and current free agent who recently fought for BKFC, criticized Sean Strickland’s comments about the UFC and bare-knuckle boxing pay.

Strickland, fresh from a win over Paulo Costa, had labeled BKFC as “f*cking crooks” and criticized their fighter pay. Alvarez, in response, highlighted the irony of Strickland’s remarks, given his UFC tenure and comparatively lower pay. Alvarez suggested that Strickland may not be fully aware of his market value and urged him to reconsider his stance on BKFC’s pay structure.

Alvarez’s argument stems from his own career trajectory and earnings in bare-knuckle boxing, where he claims to earn more than Strickland despite the latter’s UFC fame.

Alvarez’s extensive experience and victories over top fighters have likely contributed to his higher pay grade. He emphasized the importance of recognizing one’s worth in the competitive landscape of combat sports, hinting that Strickland might be undervaluing himself.

BKFC, once labeled as a fledgling promotion, has made significant strides in recent years, attracting former UFC stars like Mike Perry and even gaining investment from Conor McGregor.

Eddie Alvarez and Sean Strickland
Eddie Alvarez and Sean Strickland (UFC)

Alvarez praised BKFC’s growth and success, positioning it as one of the top combat sports organizations in North America alongside the UFC. He highlighted the promotional opportunities and visibility BKFC offers fighters, citing high viewership numbers for their events.

Alvarez’s perspective sheds light on the evolving landscape of combat sports promotions, where BKFC has emerged as a viable alternative for fighters seeking better pay and exposure.

He suggested that Strickland, and fighters in general, should consider BKFC as a lucrative option, especially if they feel undervalued in their current promotion. This perspective reflects Alvarez’s belief in the potential of BKFC to rival established organizations like the UFC in terms of both pay and popularity.

Alvarez’s remarks highlight the significance of fighters grasping their worth and considering diverse paths for career progression. By endorsing BKFC as a credible and beneficial choice, he prompts fighters such as Strickland to reevaluate their views on compensation and prospects amid the dynamic realm of combat sports.

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