Curtis Blaydes’ Long-Awaited Shot: UFC 304 Heavyweight Showdown Against Tom Aspinall

Curtis Blaydes and Tom Aspinall
Curtis Blaydes and Tom Aspinall (UFC)

For years, Curtis Blaydes watched the UFC heavyweight title scene with frustration as his calls for a shot at the belt went unanswered. However, at UFC 304, Blaydes finally gets his opportunity, albeit against Tom Aspinall, who holds the interim title while Jon Jones reigns as the UFC heavyweight champion. Jones is set to face Stipe Miocic in a highly anticipated legacy fight, delaying a potential title unification bout.

Blaydes understands the rationale behind Jones choosing Miocic over a title unification fight, acknowledging Miocic’s name value and the perceived ease of the matchup due to Miocic’s age and recent inactivity. Despite Miocic’s status as one of the greatest heavyweights in UFC history, the odds may not be in his favor against Jones.

Curtis Blaydes and Tom Aspinall
Curtis Blaydes will fight Tom Aspinall at UFC 304 (UFC)

Speculation surrounds Jones potentially retiring after facing Miocic, with many in the MMA community believing that adding Miocic to his list of victories would be a significant milestone in his career. Blaydes shares this sentiment and questions why Jones would risk his legacy by continuing to fight after potentially defeating Miocic.

Blaydes anticipates a tough fight against Aspinall, whom he regards as a formidable opponent due to his youth, strength, and natural heavyweight build. While Blaydes respects Jones for his accomplishments, he believes Aspinall presents a more significant threat due to his physical attributes and potential in the heavyweight division.

Blaydes acknowledges the uncertainties surrounding the heavyweight title picture, with the outcome of Jones vs. Miocic potentially shaping the future of the division. While he prepares for his bout against Aspinall, Blaydes remains focused on his own path to the title and the challenges that lie ahead.

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