Mustafa Ali Runs for ‘President of Professional Wrestling’ with Reform Agenda

Mustafa Ali
Mustafa Ali (TNA Wrestling)

Mustafa Ali, the reigning TNA X-Division Champion, has announced his candidacy for the fictional role of “President of Professional Wrestling.” In a video posted on X, he pledges to revolutionize the industry, promising stories that resonate, matches that entertain without excessive violence, and champions who inspire.

He emphasizes the need for wrestlers to prioritize sportsmanship over spectacle, advocating for a ban on extreme violence and bloodshed in matches.

Ali’s platform includes implementing mandatory age limits for competitors and improving retirement options for veteran wrestlers. He believes in providing aging talents with dignified exits from the ring and aims to enforce policies that support this goal.

With a message of change and optimism, Ali seeks to rally support for his vision of a better wrestling landscape, declaring that the industry’s prime days lie ahead under his leadership.

Mustafa Ali
Mustafa Ali aims to lead wrestling, focusing on good stories, sportsmanship, and banning extreme violence (TNA Wrestling)

This isn’t Ali’s first venture into portraying a political character. He previously explored a “New America” gimmick during his WWE tenure, although it was short-lived.

Despite initial attempts to revive the concept of “WWE NXT” in 2023, Ali’s WWE contract was terminated in September of that year, halting the momentum of his political persona within the company. Now, as he embarks on this new campaign, Ali hopes to capitalize on his platform as a champion wrestler to advocate for change within the industry.

With his announcement, Ali signals his intention to bring about meaningful reforms to professional wrestling, drawing on his experience and passion for the sport.

As he seeks support for his candidacy for “President of Professional Wrestling,” Ali presents himself as a candidate committed to revitalizing the industry, addressing issues such as wrestler safety, storytelling, and the treatment of veteran performers.

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