Drew Gulak’s WWE Journey Ends, Sets Sights on Beyond Wrestling Debut

Drew Gulak
Drew Gulak (WWE)

Drew Gulak’s journey with WWE has taken a new turn as his contract expired on June 1, marking the end of his tenure with the company. Despite initial confusion regarding his status, WWE clarified that Gulak would remain until his contract’s natural conclusion.

Now a free agent, Gulak has wasted no time in securing his post-WWE career, with his first booking announced for Beyond Wrestling’s “Americanrana ’24: Where Eagles Dare” event on July 4.

Returning to Beyond Wrestling for the first time since November 2016, Gulak’s presence adds anticipation to the upcoming event at the White Eagle in Worcester, Massachusetts.

During his WWE stint, Gulak notably led the No Quarter Catch Crew stable on “WWE NXT,” showcasing his talent and leadership within the promotion. However, his departure from NXT was marked by controversy, with the D’Angelo Family claiming to have “killed” him off-screen, adding an unexpected twist to his exit.

Drew Gulak Leaves WWE
Drew Gulak Leaves WWE (WWE)

Behind the scenes, reports have emerged painting Gulak in a negative light, with allegations of bullying behavior in the NXT locker room.

Descriptions of Gulak intentionally targeting injuries of fellow talent during matches have surfaced, along with accusations of intimidation to dissuade reporting of such incidents. Additionally, former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey has accused Gulak of inappropriate conduct, further complicating his departure from the company.

While WWE’s decision not to renew Gulak’s contract reportedly wasn’t solely based on Rousey’s allegations, his response to her accusation may have worsened his standing. With his WWE chapter closed, Gulak now faces a new chapter in his career, navigating the independent wrestling scene with Beyond Wrestling as his starting point.

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