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Bully Ray Explains the Rumors Behind WWE Contract of Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch (Via WWE)

The wrestling community is abuzz regarding Becky Lynch’s contract status with WWE, following her rematch loss to Women’s World Champion Liv Morgan on “WWE Raw.”

Reports indicate that the former champion’s contract with the company expired on June 1 and that WWE appears to be preparing for her absence, as she is not scheduled for any WWE events in the near future, though contract negotiations are ongoing.

Bully Ray (Via WWE)

On “Busted Open Radio,” Bully Ray speculated that Lynch might be taking a break to spend time with her three-year-old daughter.

“Maybe she needs to recharge her batteries,” he said. “I think the speculation on everybody’s mind is if Becky Lynch is not in the WWE and her contract expires, what could possibly happen?

Both sides, if you cannot come to an agreement right now on money, both sides are walking away with a handshake, saying, ‘Alright. Let’s take a break from one another, agreeing that we’re not going to talk to anybody else.'”

Becky Lynch (Via WWE)

Ray discussed the hypothetical situation regarding Lynch’s contract status and suggested that if he were AEW President Tony Khan, he wouldn’t merely consider bringing her to the company but would “back up a Brinks truck” to offer her a lucrative contract.

Lynch’s husband, former World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, whose contract was also set to expire in June, re-signed with WWE in what is reportedly a multi-year agreement.

Rollins is currently on hiatus from WWE to recover from a knee injury sustained during a match against Jinder Mahal in January.

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