Michael Page Mocks Ian Machado Garry Ahead of UFC 303 Clash

Michael Page (Via UFC)

Michael Page has some unflattering thoughts on Ian Machado Garry. In June, Page fights Garry at UFC 303.

When the fight was announced, many fans were surprised by the timing, as just one month later, UFC returns to Manchester for UFC 304, and many expected the English fighter to be a part of that card.

And according to Page, that was originally the plan, before Garry threw a wrench into things.

“They kind of confirmed, ‘Yeah, Manchester is probably going to be that time,’” Page said Wednesday on The MMA Hour.

“I actually had asked for Ian Garry and they said he’s not available because he’s fighting Colby [Covington].

Then I heard that Colby, I think there’s a medical issue or something. … They said he’s not going to be able to make it, so you can take that fight and we’ll do it for June.

And I was like, ‘Yeah! Let’s go!’ And then realized the time, ‘Actually, to be fair, can we just do it in Manchester?

You guys already told me it was going to be Manchester, can we just do it there? It makes sense. He’s an Irish guy, I’m an English guy. It makes sense.’

“Ian Garry was like, he’s not doing it on any other show apart from June, and was kind of bragging that he accepted the fight.

Michael Page (Via UFC)

I found it funny because I think he thought I was turning the fight down, where I was just asking for it to be pushed a month later to give me a bit more time. So he seemed a bit excited about me supposedly not accepting the fight, and I was like, no.

For that fight I’ll do it on short notice, it’s not a problem for me. I would have just preferred to push it one extra month just to give myself a little bit more time.”

While the timing may be a bit odd, there is one major benefit to competing on the International Fight Week card: Conor McGregor. McGregor headlines UFC 303 against Michael Chandler, making that card likely to be the biggest UFC event of the summer. And “Venom” believes that was the reason Garry was adamant about not changing the date.

“I think he d*ck-rides Conor McGregor,” Page said. “He’s like the fake version of Conor McGregor. If Conor McGregor was a natural, pretty woman, he’s like the BBL version, a bad BBL version. ‘BBL’ Garry.

(Meshew note: “BBL” refers to “Brazilian Butt Lift” and is a term that has taken off on social media recently to mean a cheap facsimile or low-grade version of something.)

“It feels like he’s just grabbing on the coattails of Conor. For me, it doesn’t bother me either way. Obviously, being on a card with Conor is amazing.

Yes, we know there’s going to be loads of eyes, but I love creating my own shine. It doesn’t bother me either way.

I could be on the worst card in the world and if I’m on it, I’m going to bring eyes, I’m going to make noise, I’m going to do big things.

Ian Machado Garry (Via UFC)

I’m going to create attention for that show, I don’t need anybody else. But for him, I think he’s trying the fast route to the top and the fast route to fame, which only last so long. I’m glad this has happened, because I’m looking forward to derailing this hype.”

Despite his harsh words for Garry, “MVP” made it clear he has no animosity towards “The Future,” he just isn’t a fan of Garry’s public persona.

“His antics just feel a bit fake, a bit forced,” Page said. “Something I’ve said about Colby before as well. Trying too hard. I don’t really believe that’s his personality.

I’m sure he’s actually a cool guy, but he’s trying to create as much attention, whether it be negative of not. For me, just be yourself, whatever yourself is. Don’t get me wrong, try to market yourself correctly, but just being the bad guy because, it seems a bit fake.

It seems a bit forced. But it is what it is. Obviously he created a lot of noise for himself, but that kind of stuff, in my opinion, won’t last very long.”

Fake persona or not, Page understands that Garry is far from a pushover. Only 26 years old and still undefeated in his career, Garry already is the No. 7 ranked welterweight in UFC. But when fight night rolls around, “MVP” is confident he will get his hand raised yet again.

“I don’t know if [Garry] has got the right mindset, but he’s definitely got the right attributes,” Page said. “It doesn’t bother me.

His attributes, for me, I’d put myself against anybody standing and I feel like I’ll come out on top. So yes, I have to be on point … but I still fancy myself coming out on top.”

UFC 303 takes place on June 29 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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