Will Ospreay Wants to See Scott D’Amore at AEW after TNA Dismissal

Scott D'Amore (Via Impact Wrestling)

Scott D’Amore’s dismissal as TNA President by Anthem Sports shocked the wrestling community, as he was largely credited with revitalizing the company’s reputation after years of difficulties. However, Will Ospreay sees potential for D’Amore in AEW.

In an interview with Adrian Hernandez, the AEW International Champion expressed his admiration for D’Amore and his hope that Tony Khan might consider hiring him.

Will Ospreay (Via AEW)

“I can’t tell you enough how much respect I have for Scott D’Amore. If there was anything that I want to put out there… If there was a way that AEW could hire Scott D’Amore in any type of fashion. Have that guy run Ring of Honor or something.”

Ospreay, who worked with D’Amore during his previous stints in TNA/Impact Wrestling, believes that D’Amore transformed the promotion.

The AEW star also commended D’Amore for his passion and ability to galvanize the locker room.

Will Ospreay (Via AEW)

Ospreay isn’t alone in his praise; Alex Shelley mentioned that he had to convince some TNA stars not to quit the promotion following D’Amore’s firing.

It remains uncertain whether AEW or D’Amore are interested in working together. Earlier this year, D’Amore filed a trademark for an old wrestling company, hinting at possible plans to start his own promotion.

Nevertheless, both parties have a history of collaboration from 2022 when AEW and Impact worked together, indicating a pre-existing relationship.

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