McIntyre and Hendry Exchange Praise Ahead of Clash at the Castle

Joe Hendry and Drew McIntyre
Joe Hendry and Drew McIntyre (WWE)

Scottish wrestlers Drew McIntyre from WWE and Joe Hendry from TNA have been exchanging compliments as they gear up for the Clash at the Castle event in Glasgow later this month.

McIntyre, currently in Scotland for media appearances before his match against Damian Priest for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, praised Hendry’s musical wrestling performances during an interview with “Cultaholic.”

In turn, Hendry expressed his respect for McIntyre, reflecting on their time together in the UK wrestling scene and describing McIntyre as a leader both inside and outside the ring.

Hendry’s heartfelt comments about McIntyre highlighted the respect he holds for his former colleague, acknowledging the significance of McIntyre’s praise.

Joe Hendry and Drew McIntyre
Joe Hendry and Drew McIntyre (WWE)

McIntyre responded to Hendry’s compliments on social media platform X, downplaying his self-perceived leadership role but taking the opportunity to criticize his upcoming opponent, Damian Priest, for his lack of control over his stable, The Judgment Day. McIntyre contrasted himself with Priest, pointing out his own dedication to the industry and subtly referencing the leadership qualities he believes Priest lacks.

In addition to his critique of Priest, McIntyre also took a veiled jab at his longtime rival, CM Punk. The feud between McIntyre and Punk has been ongoing since Punk’s return to WWE at Survivor Series.

Their rivalry intensified when Punk injured his triceps during a Royal Rumble encounter with McIntyre, which has kept Punk out of action. Despite his injury, Punk managed to exact revenge on McIntyre at WrestleMania 40 by interfering and costing him the World Heavyweight Title.

The ongoing feud and mutual respect between McIntyre and Hendry add layers of intrigue to the upcoming Clash at the Castle event.

McIntyre’s comments have set the stage for a highly anticipated showdown with Damian Priest while the rivalry with CM Punk continues to simmer in the background. The dynamic between these wrestlers, marked by both camaraderie and conflict, underscores the complex relationships and storylines that define professional wrestling.

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