Bruce Prichard on WWE’s Missed Opportunity with Sean O’Haire During the 2001 Invasion Storyline

Bruce Prichard and Sean O'Haire
Bruce Prichard and Sean O'Haire (WWE)

The WWE’s Invasion storyline of 2001 has been widely criticized by fans and experts for its awkward execution and the lack of major star power from the acquired WCW talent. Despite the high expectations, many top WCW stars did not join WWE immediately, leaving fans disappointed.

However, WWE saw potential in some of the new talent, and Bruce Prichard, on his podcast “Something to Wrestle,” highlighted WWE’s efforts to elevate one of these imports, Sean O’Haire, into a prominent star within their organization.

Bruce Prichard expressed his belief that Sean O’Haire had the potential to be a major star due to his impressive physical attributes and in-ring abilities.

O’Haire had the right look and could perform spectacular moves for a big man, but he lacked the necessary wrestling psychology and charismatic personality to reach the top tier. Despite his physical talents, O’Haire’s inability to connect on a deeper level with the audience ultimately hindered his progress in WWE.

Bruce Prichard and Sean O'Haire
Bruce Prichard and Sean O’Haire (WWE)

During the initial phase of the Invasion storyline, O’Haire was paired with his former WCW tag team partner, Chuck Palumbo. However, he was soon sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling for further development.

Upon his return, WWE tried to enhance his skills by aligning him with WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Prichard recalled how they hoped Piper could mentor O’Haire and improve his wrestling psychology and overall performance, but the partnership failed to yield the desired results.

Ultimately, WWE abandoned the effort to push O’Haire to become a major star by 2004. After leaving WWE, O’Haire continued to wrestle on the independent circuit and ventured into kickboxing and mixed martial arts.

Unfortunately, he struggled with numerous legal and personal issues, and his life tragically ended in 2014 when he took his own life. The story of Sean O’Haire serves as a somber reminder of the challenges and pressures faced by professional wrestlers.

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