Dave Meltzer Talks About AEW’s Chance to Get WWE’s Becky Lynch

Dave Meltzer and Becky Lynch
Dave Meltzer and Becky Lynch (WWE)

Becky Lynch, former WWE Women’s World Champion, is currently a free agent after her contract with WWE expired. She announced her departure from WWE prior to WrestleMania 40, citing the need for an extended break from wrestling.

Despite speculation about her potential move to AEW, Lynch’s decision is complicated by her family ties, particularly her husband Seth Rollins’ ongoing commitment to WWE. Rollins recently signed a new multi-year deal with WWE, which may influence Lynch’s decision regarding her career path.

In discussions within the wrestling community, AEW President Tony Khan has expressed interest in having Lynch join their roster following the signing of other prominent names like Mercedes Mone, Will Ospreay, and Adam Copeland.

However, Dave Meltzer suggests that Lynch’s familial obligations, including the desire to be with her husband and daughter while maintaining a consistent schedule, may deter her from joining a rival promotion like AEW. This factor adds complexity to Lynch’s decision-making process.

Dave Meltzer and Becky Lynch
Dave Meltzer and Becky Lynch (WWE)

Despite the potential financial incentives from both WWE and AEW, Meltzer emphasizes that Lynch’s choice will likely be driven by her creative desires rather than monetary considerations.

With Rollins currently sidelined due to a knee injury, Lynch has the opportunity to spend quality time with her family in the coming months, as neither she nor Rollins are actively performing in the ring. This hiatus provides Lynch with a chance to assess her options and make a decision that aligns with her personal and professional aspirations.

Ultimately, Lynch’s future in wrestling remains uncertain as she navigates the crossroads between family commitments and career opportunities.

While AEW presents a tempting prospect, Lynch’s ties to WWE through her husband may influence her decision, along with her own creative ambitions and the desire for family stability. As wrestling fans speculate about her next move, Lynch’s choice will undoubtedly shape the landscape of the industry in the coming months.

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