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Kane from WWE May Run for Governor After His Time as Mayor

Kane (WWE)

WWE Hall of Famer Kane, also known as Glenn Jacobs, is considering a potential move to higher office as his tenure as mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, nears its end. Elected in 2018, Jacobs is currently serving his second term as mayor. However, due to term limits, he will be unable to run for re-election as Knox County mayor in the upcoming election cycle. Coincidentally, this period aligns with Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, who is also facing term limits.

In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Jacobs acknowledged the possibility of running for governor, indicating that he is considering various options for his future career path, including whether to continue in politics. As a Republican, Jacobs shares a political affiliation with Governor Lee. His endorsement of former President Donald Trump and appearance at a Trump rally earlier in the year underscores his alignment with conservative ideologies.

Kane, the WWE star, might run for governor as his time as mayor ends (WWE)

Despite his responsibilities as mayor, Jacobs has maintained intermittent involvement with WWE, making occasional appearances and even participating in wrestling matches. Notably, he competed in the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia in 2018 alongside The Undertaker and also made a surprise appearance in the 2021 Royal Rumble match. His induction into the WWE Hall of Fame in the same year commemorated his illustrious wrestling career.

As Jacobs weighs his future options, including a potential bid for higher office, his dual roles as a public servant and a wrestling icon reflect the diverse facets of his career. Whether he chooses to remain in politics or reengage with his wrestling persona, Jacobs’ decision will likely be influenced by his commitment to public service and his alignment with conservative values.

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