Jeff Hardy’s Future in AEW Uncertain as Contract Expiration Nears

Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy (AEW)

Jeff Hardy’s potential contract expiration with AEW has surfaced during the latest episode of Matt Hardy’s podcast. Matt revealed that Jeff’s contract might conclude around mid-June. Despite being medically cleared to return to wrestling since February, Jeff remains on standby for the call to resume action.

Unlike Matt, Jeff is portrayed as someone who prefers waiting for opportunities rather than actively seeking them. Matt described Jeff’s current routine as waiting by the phone while engaging in physical activities like jumping on a trampoline and lifting dumbbells. With the contract end approaching, the decision to re-sign or explore other options remains uncertain.

Matt and Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy’s AEW contract’s potential end was revealed by Matt Hard (AEW)

Jeff’s absence from wrestling traces back to a broken nose suffered during a match against Sammy Guevara on AEW Rampage in February. Following the injury, Jeff underwent sinus surgery, further prolonging his return to the ring. Despite enjoying time with his family, Jeff is keen on concluding his wrestling career on a high note, indicating his desire for a meaningful finale.

Matt’s recent experiences with contract negotiations offer context to Jeff’s situation. Matt himself became a free agent after his AEW contract ended in April. Although he’s returned to TNA Wrestling without a signed contract, Matt seems invigorated by his “Broken” persona, showcasing renewed enthusiasm for wrestling. Dissatisfaction with his AEW stint due to lackluster storylines contrasts with his current satisfaction in TNA.

As Jeff Hardy’s potential departure looms, Matt’s journey serves as a parallel narrative, highlighting the complexities of wrestling contracts and career decisions. While Jeff awaits his contract fate with AEW, Matt’s resurgence in TNA symbolizes the potential for reinvention and fulfillment outside mainstream wrestling promotions. Whether Jeff re-signs with AEW or ventures elsewhere, the Hardy brothers continue to navigate their careers with a blend of anticipation and determination.

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