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AEW’s Will Ospreay Feels Disappointed Watching WWE Matches of Ricochet

Will Ospreay (Via AEW)

Will Ospreay, despite belonging to rival wrestling promotions, holds immense respect for WWE star Ricochet.

In a conversation, Ospreay praised Ricochet as one of the greatest high-flyers of all time, although he expressed sadness when watching Ricochet’s matches in WWE.

“I keep up with him all the time and sometimes I get a little bit sad about it,” shared the AEW star regarding Ricochet. “I hope he’s not sad and I hope he’s real happy.

I keep up with him as much as I can, but I feel like people are forgetting who Ricochet was once upon a time. All of these high-flyers that you see, and myself included, we all took inspiration from Pac and Ricochet.”

Ricochet (Via WWE)

Despite Ricochet’s inconsistent booking in WWE, he achieved the distinction of becoming the inaugural Speed Champion earlier this year, a title he still holds.

However, Ospreay believes that Ricochet’s talent is not fully utilized, particularly with the championship defended in brief three-minute matches exclusively on X (formerly Twitter).

“The fact that they only value his time for under five minutes is appalling to me. “I just want people to remember who he is.

Ricochet (Via WWE)

If you go and look at 2012-2013 Dragon Gate Ricochet, he was untouchable at the time. When it came to this generation of high-flyers, he was the greatest.

He’s the greatest high-flyer ever. I know it sounds weird, but I do include him on the same level as Rey Mysterio.”

As Ricochet’s contract is rumored to expire in 2024, Ospreay hopes to see him depart from the sports entertainment promotion and join a company that allows him to fully showcase his talents.

Moreover, Ospreay’s admiration for Ricochet is echoed by Dijak, who also regards Ricochet as the greatest high-flyer in history.

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