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Jey Uso New Look for WWE Inspired By Iconic Style of Bret Hart

Jey Uso New Look (Via WWE)

“Main Event” Jey Uso has been sporting a fresh new look ever since stepping into the singles spotlight, notably donning a pair of shades with the word “YEET” boldly displayed across the lenses.

While his distinctive fashion sense has helped him carve his own niche, the former Bloodline stalwart acknowledges that he borrowed a few ideas from a WWE Hall of Famer.

Speaking on the “Battleground Podcast,” Uso revealed the inspiration behind his eyewear, citing a memorable commercial featuring Bret Hart.

Jey Uso (Via WWE)

“There was an old commercial with Bret Hart. Do you remember it? That commercial came on and he had the pink glasses. I’m automatically, ‘Light bulb.’ Like I need blue ones. I need the exact same ones but blue,” Uso recalled.

“Remember, it had the rubber strap on here and it was like very flimsy? I wanted that whole look. I wanted that. We couldn’t get it but kind of took it a little bit to make it mine. But I stole the whole idea from Bret Hart.”

Uso was referring to a commercial from WWE’s “New Generation” era, showcasing a heartwarming interaction between Hart and a young fan.

Bret Hart (Via WWE)

The exchange, which featured Hart gifting his signature shades to the child, exemplifies the type of gestures that have cemented Hart’s status as a legend both on the Canadian Walk of Fame and in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Reflecting on his journey in WWE, Uso admitted to feeling overwhelmed in the past but has since found his footing.

However, despite his recent successes, Uso’s quest for the King of the Ring crown came to an end when GUNTHER emerged victorious over him on “WWE Raw,” advancing to the final round.

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