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Former WWE General Manager Teddy Long Explains the Inception of Iconic Catchphrases & Dance

Teddy Long (Via WWF)

Former “WWE SmackDown” General Manager Teddy Long remains one of the most cherished authority figures in the company’s storied history.

Known for his iconic catchphrases and penchant for sending unruly stars to face “the Undertaker” in the ring, Long endeared himself to fans across the globe.

In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet on the “Insight” podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer talked about his tenure with the company, shedding light on the origins of his trademark dance and catchphrase.

Teddy Long (Via WWF)

Long revealed that both were inspired by heartwarming family moments, particularly involving a beloved canine named Boss.

“Every time I’d say, ‘Come on playa. Get out of the way playa, move,'” Long recounted, referring to his interactions with the dog.

“I’m just talking to him, and one night I went to TV, I started using slang, calling people ‘playa,’ that’s how I got the ‘playa’ started.

As for the dance, my grandson … when he was about two years old, we were trying to teach him how to walk.

So we bought this walker that we put him in. Every time we put him in this walker, all he would do was bop up and down like that.

Teddy Long (Via WWF)

I went to TV one night and I think they were playing my music, but I was just thinking about him and having fun. So I was having fun and just started doing the dance.”

Long recounted another memorable moment when, prior to making his entrance, former WWE chairman Vince McMahon spotted him backstage.

McMahon enthusiastically encouraged Long to perform his signature dance, propelling it into the annals of WWE history.

“Vince was standing up. He’s yelling, ‘Do that dance,'” Long recalled with a smile. “[I say] ‘What dance?’ And he starts doing it, and that’s how the dance started.”

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