Dustin Poirier is Still not Ready to Retire As He Heads for UFC 302 Title Match

Dustin Poirier (Via UFC)

Dustin Poirier remains steadfast in his approach to his fighting future as he heads into his UFC 302 title shot.

Poirier is set to challenge Islam Makhachev in the main event of the June 1 pay-per-view event.

Throughout the build-up to this fight, as with his previous bouts, Poirier has been repeatedly asked about retirement and whether his upcoming fight will be his last.

In an interview with CBS Sports, Poirier acknowledged that while retirement is something he’s considering, he hasn’t made a final decision yet.

Dustin Poirier (Via UFC)

“I’m capable of anything,” Poirier said. “I can climb back to this spot and fight again for the world title. I can do anything.

I can grind back to it, I know I can. It’s just that I don’t have it in me, and I’m not going to do it again.

“I’m not going to climb the ladder again. I’ve been doing this a long time. This is a very selfish sport. I’m ready to be a father, and be a husband, and be home, and be in a routine. I wouldn’t say I can’t do it again, I can do it again. It’s just, this is it for me.”

“The Diamond” echoed these thoughts in a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, reflecting on the beginning of his career and his goal to be done fighting by the age of 35.

Dustin Poirier (Via UFC)

Poirier also mentioned that he’s financially secure, especially after two significant wins over Conor McGregor in 2021.

Winning the undisputed lightweight title would be the perfect conclusion to Poirier’s 38-fight career, which includes an interim title win against Max Holloway at UFC 236 in 2019.

On The MMA Hour, Poirier acknowledged that this is his “last shot” at becoming champion, but he remains undecided about retirement just days before his fight with Makhachev.

“I’m still on the fence, win or lose,” Poirier said. “I just want to be content with my career.”

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