Darren Till Reveals the Plan to Return to MMA After 2 Years of Boxing

Darren Till (Via UFC)

Darren Till has a plan. A former UFC welterweight title challenger, Till left the world’s leading MMA promotion in 2023 to look for other avenues, particularly boxing.

Despite his departure, Till has yet to compete in any combat sport. He recently announced that he will make his long-awaited boxing debut against former WBC middleweight champion Julio César Chávez Jr. on July 20, as part of the Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson card.

However, speaking on The MMA Hour, Till emphasized that boxing is just a temporary stop on his combat sports journey.

“I’m going to win a UFC belt,” Till declared. “I’m going to win a UFC title. I speak to the UFC bosses all the time. … I’m going to come into this boxing scene in a storm, then I’m going to go back to the UFC and get a title.

Darren Till (Via UFC)

Then I’m going to say, ‘Right, I’ve done it. I was one of the best. Cheers.’ And you can say I’m not going to, but I’ve solely got my sights on making a whole lot of money and beating up a few dudes, which I am 100 percent going to do. I don’t think they’ll be able to lay a hand on me. I really don’t.”

This is a bold prediction from Till, who has won only one fight in six years and left the UFC on a three-fight losing streak. However, “The Gorilla” has never lacked confidence.

Till once famously proclaimed he would be the first three-division champion in the UFC. While his goals have become more modest since then, his confidence remains undiminished, especially since he believes his past mistakes were entirely within his control.

“I did some good things in the UFC but I managed myself terribly in the UFC,” Till admitted.

“After the [Robert] Whittaker fight when I had that great performance, I should have probably gone on to fight Adesanya. The decisions I made after that — fighting [Derek] Brunson with a torn ACL and then fighting Dricus [du Plessis] with the same injury.

“By the way, Dricus is beating everyone. I beat him up for two rounds before he stopped me. That pisses me off a little bit, because I know I could be the champion.

Darren Till (Via UFC)

People when they see Dricus now go, ‘Wow, we thought Till was finished. Is he actually finished? Because he pieced the champ up.’ I managed myself very bad. It was stupid decisions and choices I was making. That’s a thorn inside of me, to be honest.”

Till hopes to remove that thorn, and in his ideal scenario, he won’t have to wait long. He plans to spend the next two years in boxing before making his return to the UFC.

“I think two years,” Till said. “I’m going to do two years in boxing, I’m going to make millions and millions, and then I’m going to say, ‘Guys, you said I could come back at any time. Can I? Give me one or two fights. I’ve been in Russia for 12 months now just wrestling, wrestling.

Or Brazil. Give me a chance now. My knee is OK. And if I go in and my chance fails, it fails. If I go in and I win a title, I’ll say on the mic, ‘I’ve won the title. I’m the best in the world right now. See you later. Bon voyage!’

“I’m manifesting this. I manifested a lot of things. I also manifested a lot of bad things in the UFC, but I’m manifesting this now and I think about it every day.”

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