Imavov Defends TKO Victory Over Cannonier, Eyes Rematch with Strickland in Paris

Nassourdine Imavov and Jared Cannonier
Nassourdine Imavov and Jared Cannonier (UFC)

Nassourdine Imavov thinks his recent win over Jared Cannonier is clear and shouldn’t be controversial. Imavov won with a fourth-round TKO in their main fight at UFC Louisville after hitting Cannonier with a strong right hand and follow-up punches.

Some people questioned the stoppage because Cannonier was still standing and trying to fight back when the referee, Jason Herzog, stepped in. However, Imavov thinks the referee made the right call to stop the fight and prevent more damage to Cannonier.

Imavov addressed the situation during his post-fight press conference, emphasizing that it is the referee’s duty to determine a fighter’s ability to continue. He noted that Cannonier had already absorbed substantial damage and would have been subjected to more if the fight had continued. Imavov firmly believes that Herzog made the correct call in stopping the bout when he did.

Prior to the stoppage, the fight was highly competitive, with both fighters having their moments. Cannonier started the fight strongly, but Imavov gradually adjusted, gaining confidence and control in the second round.

Nassourdine Imavov and Jared Cannonier
Nassourdine Imavov and Jared Cannonier (UFC)

This shift in momentum set the stage for Imavov’s decisive punch and subsequent finish, which he stated was part of his strategic plan to avoid an early rush and maintain a measured pace throughout the fight.

Reflecting on his performance, Imavov expressed satisfaction with the outcome, even though an earlier stoppage would have been preferable.

He was particularly pleased to demonstrate his improved cardio, silencing critics who doubted his endurance. Finishing Cannonier in the fourth round showcased his ability to maintain performance in extended fights, a crucial factor for his career progression.

With this significant win, Imavov is poised to break into the top five of the UFC’s middleweight division, positioning himself as a strong contender for the title. He hopes to fight next in Paris on September 28, targeting a rematch against Sean Strickland, who previously defeated him at light heavyweight.

Imavov is confident that a victory over Strickland at middleweight would propel him toward a title shot, and he remains determined to become a champion, believing he is not yet at his peak and has much more to achieve in his career.

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