Wrestling Pundits Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer Discuss WWE NXT Battleground’s Roxanne Perez vs. Jordynne Grace Showdown

Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer
Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer (WWE)

WWE NXT Battleground is coming soon, and fans are excited about the six big matches lined up. One of the main events features TNA’s Jordynne Grace facing off against WWE NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez.

This match highlights the growing connection between WWE and TNA. Former WWE star Bully Ray shared his thoughts on the match and the relationship between the two wrestling companies during an interview on “Busted Open Radio.” Bully suggested that the match might have a traditional ending, which could benefit TNA in some way, but he didn’t give away any surprises.

Contrary to his expectations, Bully Ray revealed a preference for a more surprising outcome, advocating for a “shock and awe” approach where Perez would drop the title to Grace.

Roxanne Perez vs. Jordynne Grace
Roxanne Perez vs. Jordynne Grace (WWE)

However, he acknowledged the necessity of careful planning and coordination between WWE and TNA for such a partnership to occur. Despite his desire for surprises, Bully doesn’t foresee any unexpected twists during the upcoming event, highlighting the importance of prearranged agreements between the wrestling giants.

Meanwhile, Bully’s co-host Tommy Dreamer expressed admiration for Grace’s “NXTNA” shirt worn on a recent “WWE NXT” episode, though he questioned its potential availability for fans.

Dreamer also offered his creative perspective on how the match might unfold, suggesting scenarios like a time limit draw or a title switch, with implications extending to TNA’s Against All Odds event in Chicago. These speculations hint at the intricate storytelling possibilities arising from the WWE-TNA crossover, adding layers of anticipation and intrigue to the upcoming showdown.

As fans eagerly await WWE NXT Battleground, the discussions among wrestling pundits like Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer offer tantalizing glimpses into the potential directions and outcomes of the Jordynne Grace versus Roxanne Perez clash.

Whether the match follows a traditional path or surprises with unexpected twists, it promises to be a pivotal moment in the evolving relationship between WWE and TNA, shaping the landscape of professional wrestling for the foreseeable future.

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