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MJF Commits to AEW, Teases New Merchandise Line amid WWE Attention


Maxwell Jacob Freidman, or MJF, has solidified his commitment to All Elite Wrestling (AEW), despite drawing attention from WWE figures. Following his return at Double or Nothing, MJF rebranded himself as “The Wolf of Wrestling,” paying homage to “The Wolf of Wall Street” and even borrowing a scene for a promo.

Alongside this transformation, he introduced new merchandise, which was shared by AEW X’s official account. However, a social media slip-up labeled him as “The Lone Wolf,” a moniker belonging to WWE’s Baron Corbin, prompting MJF to swiftly correct it.

Baron Corbin responded positively to MJF’s new merchandise, displaying camaraderie across wrestling promotions.

MJF Teases New Merchandise Line (WWE)

Their exchange on social media showcased mutual respect, with Corbin complimenting MJF’s shirt and MJF graciously thanking him in return. Despite this friendly interaction, it’s evident that MJF is focused on carving his path to the top in AEW, much like Corbin’s solo journey in WWE.

While MJF aims for the AEW World Championship, especially after resolving tensions with former friend Adam Cole, his next challenge seems to be against Mexican star Rush.

Despite speculation about a potential move to WWE, the brief social media exchange between MJF and Corbin may be as close as fans get to seeing MJF interact with WWE in the near future. MJF’s commitment to AEW and his ongoing storylines within the promotion indicate his dedication to making an impact in the wrestling world on his own terms.

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