Ethan Page’s NXT Debut Sets Up Showdown with Trick Williams

Ethan Page and Trick Williams
Ethan Page and Trick Williams (WWE)

In the latest episode of “WWE NXT,” Ethan Page, renowned for his tenure in AEW and Impact Wrestling, shocked audiences with an unexpected debut. His arrival was marked by a bold move as he attacked the reigning NXT Champion, Trick Williams, hoisting the coveted title aloft.

This startling development ignited speculation and anticipation for the clash that looms ahead. Ahead of the next “NXT” episode, Williams took to “Busted Open Radio” to share his perspective on Page’s sudden emergence.

Williams expressed conflicted feelings about Page’s intrusion into the NXT landscape. He acknowledged the hard work and dedication that he and others have invested in building NXT, particularly during its evolution into NXT 2.0.

Ethan Page and Trick Williams
Ethan Page and Trick Williams (WWE)

Williams emphasized his personal journey, underscoring the effort he had put into earning opportunities for the championship title. The sudden appearance of Ethan Page, bypassing the established hierarchy to challenge for the top spot, left Williams uncertain about how to interpret this development.

While Page’s arrival undoubtedly adds intrigue and excitement to the NXT roster, Williams’ reservations are understandable. Page’s immediate demand for a title shot, bypassing the traditional path to championship contention, challenges the integrity of the NXT brand and its hard-fought achievements.

Nonetheless, it appears inevitable that Williams will soon face off against Page in a high-stakes showdown for the NXT Championship, potentially reshaping the landscape of the promotion.

As the feud between Williams and Page intensifies, the focus shifts away from Williams’ previous adversaries, the Meta-Four. Despite his victory over Ilja Dragunov for the championship in April, Williams has yet to defend the title.

His ongoing feud with the Meta-Four now takes a backseat to the new threat posed by Ethan Page, who has targeted and attacked members of the Meta-Four, solidifying his position as the primary challenger to Williams’ championship reign.

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