Eric Bischoff Praises MJF’s Talent but Highlights Randy Orton’s Experience in Wrestling

Eric Bischoff and Randy Orton
Eric Bischoff and Randy Orton (WWE)

Eric Bischoff, a WWE Hall of Famer, recently shared his admiration for former AEW World Champion MJF, acknowledging his talent. However, when asked if anyone in wrestling surpasses MJF, Bischoff promptly cited Randy Orton, attributing it to Orton’s extensive experience.

Bischoff commended MJF’s work but noted a discrepancy in syncing body language with dialogue, suggesting it’s a skill honed over time through experience and reactions. He expressed confidence that MJF will reach Orton’s level with time and practice.

Despite recognizing MJF’s potential, Bischoff expressed concerns about the environment in which MJF is developing his skills, suggesting that WWE could offer him a better platform for growth.

Eric Bischoff, MJF and Randy Orton
Eric Bischoff Praises MJF but Cites Randy Orton (WWE)

He highlighted the importance of learning from seasoned professionals, implying that MJF may not be receiving adequate mentorship in his current promotion. Bischoff praised MJF’s superiority over his peers but stressed the significance of continual improvement, implying a stagnation in MJF’s development.

Bischoff drew an analogy likening MJF’s situation to a golfer who masters their swing but then neglects further refinement, resulting in the development of bad habits over time. He implied that without proper guidance and challenges to overcome, MJF’s promotional skills could plateau or regress.

Despite his reservations, Bischoff expressed optimism that MJF possesses the potential to excel further, emphasizing the importance of consistent practice and learning from seasoned professionals to refine his craft.

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