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Kiana James Makes a Big Splash on WWE Raw, Beating Natalya in Debut Match

Kiana James and Natalya
Kiana James and Natalya (WWE)

Kiana James’ debut match in WWE’s women’s division on “WWE Raw” marked a significant milestone as she secured a victory against Natalya, a renowned veteran in the wrestling world.

Transitioning from “WWE NXT” to the main roster, James showcased her potential by outmaneuvering Natalya, countering her signature Sharpshooter, and sealing the win with her finisher, the 401(K). This victory set a strong precedent for James’ future in the highly competitive world of professional wrestling.

Prior to her debut match, James had been relatively low-key, appearing in the background of previous episodes and sporadically interacting with “Raw” General Manager Adam Pearce.

However, she clarified her approach, stating that she had been taking her time to acclimate herself before stepping into the ring. James’ journey to the main roster included a stint in “NXT,” where she achieved success as a former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion alongside Fallon Henley.

Kiana James and Natalya
Kiana James Triumphs Over Natalya in WWE Raw Debut, Setting the Stage for Evolution in Women’s Wrestling (WWE)

The frustration evident in Natalya following her loss signaled a potential shift in her career trajectory. Sonya Deville’s approach to Natalya backstage hinted at a new direction, prompting Natalya to reflect on her late uncle, Owen Hart, and his iconic decision to join The Nation of Domination.

Natalya’s invocation of Owen’s mantra, “Enough is enough, and it’s time for a change,” suggested that she might be considering a significant shift in her wrestling persona, echoing the spirit of transformation that defined Owen’s career.

As the WWE universe anticipates the implications of Natalya’s contemplation and James’ promising debut, the landscape of “WWE Raw” seems poised for change. With James’ emergence as a formidable contender and Natalya’s potential reinvention, the women’s division is primed for exciting developments, promising gripping storylines and electrifying matches in the episodes to come.

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