Arn Anderson Praises Bron Breakker’s Potential and Reflects on Rivalry with Rick Steiner

Arn Anderson, Bron Breakker and Rick Steiner
Arn Anderson, Bron Breakker and Rick Steiner (WWE)

During their peak in WCW, Arn Anderson and Rick Steiner frequently faced each other in over 100 matches spanning six years. Recently, on his podcast, “ARN,” Anderson was asked about his old rival’s son, Bron Breakker, who had been making notable strides since his promotion to the main WWE roster earlier this year.

Anderson praised Breakker, acknowledging his impressive physicality and genetic inheritance from his father, Rick Steiner, and uncle, Scott Steiner, both renowned for their strength. He reminisced about Rick lifting 365 lbs. behind his neck while seated, highlighting the Steiner family’s remarkable power and athleticism.

Arn Anderson, Bron Breakker and Rick Steiner
Arn Anderson, Bron Breakker and Rick Steiner (WWE)

Anderson expressed confidence in Breakker’s potential to uphold his family’s wrestling legacy, citing his great size and physique. He mentioned Breakker’s near success in the NFL and conveyed his hopes for Breakker’s future in wrestling, predicting that he would become a major star in the industry.

Most recently, Breakker appeared on the May 20 episode of “WWE Raw,” where he attacked Ricochet after being excluded from the King of the Ring tournament, leading to his suspension. Meanwhile, Anderson, whose contract with AEW expired, reflected on his career shift from a WWE producer, a role he previously admitted to disliking.

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