Toni Storm Sets Stage for Mariah May’s Match on AEW Dynamite, Teases Cross-Promotional Opportunities

Toni Storm
Toni Storm (AEW_

Toni Storm made a significant statement during a promo aired on AEW Collision, addressing Saraya and setting the stage for Mariah May’s upcoming match on AEW Dynamite. Storm passionately defended Mariah, referring to her as her “offspring” and asserting her legendary status.

Mariah May didn’t hold back either, taking a direct jab at Saraya’s past and hinting at a potential sequel to her life story with a title that leaves little to the imagination. The exchange between the two wrestlers added an extra layer of anticipation for their showdown.

Toni Storm and Mariah May Heat Things Up on AEW
Toni Storm and Mariah May Heat Things Up on AEW (AEW)

In a closing remark, Storm made a bold declaration to the wrestling world, emphasizing that her “forbidden door” is wide open. This cryptic statement suggests a willingness to engage with talent from various promotions, stirring speculation about potential cross-promotional matchups and alliances.

Despite Storm’s proclamation, she currently lacks an opponent for AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door, leaving fans to wonder who might step up to face her in this era of collaboration between wrestling organizations.

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