AJ Styles Fakes Retirement and Attacks Cody Rhodes on WWE SmackDown, Echoing Mark Henry’s 2013 Stunt

AJ Styles, Cody Rhodes and Mark Henry
AJ Styles, Cody Rhodes and Mark Henry (WWE)

On this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown, AJ Styles executed a dramatic and deceptive main event segment by faking his retirement. This act culminated in a surprising and aggressive attack on Cody Rhodes, leaving fans stunned as the show concluded.

Styles’ performance was not only a highlight of the episode but also drew significant attention and buzz, quickly becoming a trending topic.

The segment bore a striking resemblance to a memorable moment from 2013 when Mark Henry feigned his retirement in a segment with John Cena.

Mark Henry discussed this similarity during an appearance on the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, reflecting on Styles’ performance and its homage to his own. Henry noted that Styles’ use of the blue jacket and his overall execution mirrored his own retirement ruse, a tactic Henry had popularized.

AJ Styles Attacks Cody Rhodes
AJ Styles Attacks Cody Rhodes (WWE)

Henry expressed pride and amusement at Styles’ tribute, highlighting how his own fake retirement had set a precedent in WWE storytelling. He mentioned that since his 2013 stunt, the phrase “He’s going to do a Mark Henry” has become synonymous with such fake retirement segments.

Henry acknowledged the effort and precision Styles put into recreating the moment, even considering a potential collaboration where they could both share this unique aspect of wrestling history with fans.

Henry was impressed with the segment’s execution, praising the camera work and the way Styles and Rhodes performed the scene. He emphasized the importance of these elements in enhancing the storytelling and keeping the audience engaged.

Henry’s commentary not only celebrated Styles’ performance but also underscored the lasting impact of his own contributions to WWE’s dramatic storytelling techniques.

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