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Olympic Gold Medalist Gable Steveson Transitions from WWE to NFL with Buffalo Bills

Gable Steveson
Gable Steveson (WWE)

Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson, after being released from WWE, has embarked on a new career path in the NFL. Signing a standard three-year rookie contract with the Buffalo Bills, Steveson aims to transition his wrestling prowess into American football despite lacking prior experience in the sport.

Expressing gratitude to Coach Sean McDermott, general manager Brandon Beane, and the Bills organization for the opportunity, Steveson acknowledges the challenge ahead in adapting his skills to football.

Despite his newcomer status in football, Steveson garnered interest from multiple NFL teams, with the Bills ultimately securing his commitment. Standing at 6-foot-1 and weighing 275 pounds, Steveson’s physical attributes position him as a potential defensive tackle for the Bills, a role entirely new to him. The decision to pursue football was influenced by Coach McDermott’s championship wrestling background, who sees potential in Steveson’s athleticism despite his rawness in the sport.

Gable Steveson
Gable Steveson joins NFL’s Buffalo Bills, transitioning wrestling skills to football (WWE)

While Steveson’s wrestling achievements, including an Olympic gold medal in 2021 and collegiate success at the University of Minnesota, are well-documented, his venture into professional wrestling with WWE was short-lived. With only one televised match and minimal exposure, Steveson’s release from WWE prompted his shift towards the NFL, a path he had contemplated even before joining the wrestling organization in 2021.

Steveson’s transition from wrestling to football mirrors that of another University of Minnesota alum, WWE star Brock Lesnar, who previously attempted to join the Minnesota Vikings in 2004. Despite Lesnar’s unsuccessful bid, Steveson remains determined to carve his own path in the NFL, drawing inspiration from his wrestling background and the support of the Bills organization.

As Steveson embarks on this new chapter, he faces the challenge of proving himself in a sport vastly different from wrestling. With the potential to make an impact, albeit on the practice squad initially, Steveson’s journey exemplifies the resilience and adaptability required to pursue one’s passions, regardless of the obstacles encountered along the way.

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