Tyson’s Illness on Flight Puts Jake Paul Fight in Jeopardy, Chael Sonnen Ready to Step In

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson (UFC)

Mike Tyson got sick during a flight, making people unsure if he can fight Jake Paul as planned. He felt dizzy and nauseous on the way from Miami to Los Angeles. Now, there’s talk about someone else filling in for Tyson.

Tyson’s planned return to combat sports might be jeopardized due to his medical condition. As his health is being closely monitored, there is a possibility he may have to withdraw from the highly anticipated bout with Jake Paul. In light of this, discussions about a potential replacement have begun, indicating that the event will go on regardless of Tyson’s condition.

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul
Tyson’s illness during the flight raises doubts about the bout with Jake Paul (UFC)

Former UFC middleweight title challenger Chael Sonnen revealed he could be the one to replace Tyson. Sonnen announced on social media that he had been written into the contract as a backup fighter. He hinted at the possibility of facing Jake Paul on July 20, adding a layer of uncertainty and excitement to the upcoming event.

Despite the potential change in opponents, Jake Paul is still expected to perform in the headlining event, which will be broadcast on Netflix. In the midst of this uncertainty, Sonnen also took the opportunity to hype up his upcoming boxing match against Anderson Silva on June 15. Sonnen, who has previously faced Silva in the UFC, is looking forward to avenging his past losses in what promises to be an exciting bout.

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