Rakhmonov Brushes Off Buckley’s Callouts Despite Controversy

Shavkat Rakhmonov and Joaquin Buckley
Shavkat Rakhmonov and Joaquin Buckley (UFC)

Shavkat Rakhmonov stood firm against Joaquin Buckley’s recent callouts, unfazed by the welterweight contender’s attempt to spark a potential matchup. Buckley, known for his aggressive challenges, had previously targeted fighters like Conor McGregor and Gilbert Burns before turning his sights towards Rakhmonov, citing him as a desirable opponent.

However, Rakhmonov, with an unblemished record and an impressive streak of finishing all his fights, brushed off Buckley’s mention of his name with little regard.

Responding to Buckley’s callout on Twitter, Rakhmonov didn’t mince words, expressing his skepticism towards Buckley’s tactics. “I thought your Conor callout was delusional, but you’ve actually outdone yourself this time,” remarked the 29-year-old fighter, emphasizing his disinterest in Buckley’s propositions.

Shavkat Rakhmonov and Joaquin Buckley
Rakhmonov stands firm, dismissing Buckley’s callouts for a potential matchup (UFC)

Despite Buckley’s undefeated status in the welterweight division, Rakhmonov’s dominant performance against Stephen Thompson has positioned him closer to a title shot, making Buckley’s challenges seem premature in comparison.

In a subsequent exchange, Buckley attempted to deflect Rakhmonov’s response by alleging that Rakhmonov’s coach had authored the message. Dismissing Buckley’s claims, Rakhmonov maintained his stance, indicating that neither his coach nor Buckley could speak or fight on his behalf.

Meanwhile, Buckley’s recent confrontational behavior, including controversial remarks aimed at fighters like Daniel Cormier and Cub Swanson, has generated backlash within the MMA community.

As Buckley’s callouts continue to attract attention, the question remains as to whether his aggressive approach will yield the desired results. With no confirmed opponent on the horizon, Buckley’s penchant for stirring controversy may either propel him towards notable matchups or lead to further scrutiny of his actions in the octagon.

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