Tommy Dreamer Compares Dominik Mysterio’s Situation to Guerrero and Chyna

Tommy Dreamer (Via ECW)

One of the most talked-about topics in professional wrestling this week revolves around the closing angle of Monday’s “WWE Raw,” where Liv Morgan kissed The Judgment Day’s Dominik Mysterio after Mysterio inadvertently aided Morgan in defeating Becky Lynch.

However, speculation suggests that Morgan might be using Mysterio as a means to target the injured Rhea Ripley.

Former ECW and WWE star Tommy Dreamer shared his thoughts on the storyline during an appearance on “Busted Open Radio,” drawing parallels to a classic pairing from the promotion’s past.

Guerrero and Chyna (Via WWE)

“Do you remember the time where Eddie Guerrero had to explain to Chyna — and he’s like, ‘Mamacita! Mamacita! Mami!’ And he’s chasing her down the hall because Chyna thought he was cheating on [her],” Dreamer said.

“I’m like, ‘Holy crap, they have the same exact scenario they can eventually do.'”

Guerrero and Chyna first became involved onscreen in 2000, the night after WWE WrestleMania 16. However, their partnership ended after about six months when Chyna (and the entire WWE audience) discovered video footage of Guerrero in the locker room shower with two other women.

Dominik Mysterio (Via WWE)

Monday’s climactic kiss was part of an ongoing storyline where Morgan seeks to win over Mysterio in Ripley’s absence, as Ripley was injured by Morgan last month.

After Ripley was compelled to relinquish the Women’s World Championship, Lynch won the title before Morgan claimed it at WWE King and Queen of the Ring last weekend.

The question now remains whether Morgan can genuinely sway Mysterio to her side or if she aims to convince Ripley of that possibility.

Regarding the kiss itself, Dreamer felt that the moment lacked sufficient build-up. Instead, the WWE production crew hurried to capture the moment before “Raw” concluded.

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