From Rivalry to Resentment as Tensions Rise Between Makhachev and Poirier Ahead of UFC 302

Islam Makhachev and Dustin Poirier
Islam Makhachev vs Dustin Poirier (UFC)

The lead-up to UFC 302’s main event escalated from a friendly rivalry to a heated confrontation as Islam Makhachev and Dustin Poirier engaged in a tense exchange following the pre-fight press conference. What began as a stoic staredown quickly evolved into verbal sparring, prompting security to intervene and separate the fighters to prevent any physical altercation.

During the press conference, Makhachev asserted his confidence, proclaiming himself as the best fighter in the world and predicting a challenging matchup for Poirier due to his wrestling and grappling skills. He highlighted Poirier’s historical struggles against opponents with similar skill sets, suggesting that Poirier could have been a champion if not for these shortcomings.

Islam Makhachev and Dustin Poirier
Before UFC 302, Makhachev and Poirier’s friendly competition turned into a fight (UFC)

Makhachev also criticized Poirier’s reliance on the guillotine choke, a submission technique that has yet to yield success for Poirier in fights. Despite advice from his coaches to abandon the technique, Poirier remains steadfast in his belief in its efficacy. Makhachev, however, dismissed Poirier’s chances of successfully applying the guillotine choke against him.

In response, Poirier confidently predicted a knockout victory, expressing his intention to seize the UFC lightweight championship from Makhachev. He emphasized the importance of boxing skills in the fight but was reminded by Makhachev that MMA encompasses various disciplines beyond boxing.

The tension between the two fighters reached its peak as they exchanged final words during the ceremonial weigh-ins ahead of the title bout, setting the stage for an anticipated showdown in the octagon.

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