Booker T Reflects on the Win of Gunther Against Randy Orton for King of the Ring Title

Gunther (Via WWE)

This past Saturday in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, WWE star Gunther triumphed over Randy Orton in the finals of the King of the Ring tournament, becoming the 22nd competitor in WWE history to don the crown.

On his “Hall of Fame” podcast, Booker T discussed why “The Ring General” was the perfect choice to win the tournament.

“He’s tailor-made for this role, he really is,” Booker said.

Booker T (Via WWE)

“If anybody going into this King of the Ring tournament you thought would come out on top and would have a really, really good chance at being a really, really great King, I think you would think of GUNTHER, having the longest-reigning Intercontinental Championship run of all time, surpassing one Honky Tonk Man…”

Booker, who has himself won the King of the Ring tournament, understands why fans are eager to hear his thoughts on GUNTHER’s victory.

Gunther vs Randy Orton (Via WWE)

“Everyone looking for a grade from King Booker, how one is doing playing that role. So, me personally, I’m looking forward to seeing exactly how Gunter plays this role… He’s a guy that’s gonna take no prisoners. He’s a guy that’s gonna really have the moniker of King.”

Booker T further praised GUNTHER for his authenticity and the way he engages the audience, noting that he reminds him of the wrestlers he admired growing up.

Additionally, GUNTHER will earn a World Heavyweight Championship opportunity at WWE Summerslam against whoever holds the title on August 3.

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