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Potential WWE Signing Guilia Needs A Surgery for Major Injury

Guilia (Via Stardom)

Rumored WWE signing Giulia is currently out of action with a wrist injury, but she hopes to return to in-ring competition soon.

Speaking to Tokyo Sports, Giulia revealed that she requires surgery to compete against a planned opponent this summer, expressing confidence in her recovery.

“That day, my arm bent in the opposite direction, and as a result, I broke a bone. I was told that surgery would be the fastest recovery, and I decided because I wanted to [wrestle against] Sareee in perfect condition,” she said.

Guilia and Triple H (Via Instagram)

Giulia is scheduled to face Sareee at the Marigold Summer Destiny show on July 13.

It remains uncertain if she’ll recover from her upcoming surgery in time, but her words suggest that the injury isn’t as severe as initially feared.

Furthermore, the injury reportedly hasn’t affected Giulia’s WWE status. The former World of Stardom Champion has been expected to join WWE since appearing at “NXT” Stand & Deliver during WrestleMania 40 weekend.

Guilia (Via Instagram)

It’s believed that the promotion is willing to wait for her to recover, as WWE wasn’t planning on bringing her into the fold until she fulfilled her commitments elsewhere.

Giulia is scheduled to undergo emergency surgery on May 28 and plans to use the recovery time for more relaxing activities.

“I’ll be away from home for three nights and four days, so it’s like going on a trip to the countryside.

I won’t be able to move around, so I’ll spend my time watching movies for the first time in a while and watching various wrestling videos,” she told Tokyo Sports.

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