Former Divas Champion Kelly Kelly Wants to Face Jade Cargill for Her Return Match

Kelly Kelly (Via WWE)

Barbie Blank, known to WWE fans as former Divas Champion Kelly Kelly, has been away from the wrestling scene for some time. However, in a conversation with McKenzie Mitchell, she expressed openness to returning for a match against Jade Cargill.

“That would be really cool,” Blank responded to the idea of a potential feud with Cargill. She also expressed admiration for the WWE star, particularly her fashion sense.

Jade Cargill (Via WWE)

“I have just started watching Jade, and I didn’t really in AEW. But now that she’s in WWE, I’m now looking at her looks, and I’m like, ‘If I was still wrestling, that’s what I’d be doing.’

I just feel like her gear is just like very reminiscent of the sparkles and like the glass, it’s just cool.”

Cargill transitioned to WWE after leaving AEW in 2023 and has made significant strides since then.

Kelly Kelly (Via WWE)

Currently, she holds the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship alongside Bianca Belair and remains undefeated in singles competition.

Meanwhile, Blank has been absent from in-ring action since the 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble match.

Despite her hiatus, the former Kelly Kelly has expressed her desire to wrestle again, indicating her openness to facing Cargill in the future. Ultimately, the decision lies with WWE to make this matchup a reality.

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