Peyton Royce Recalls the Formation of IIconics Group Partnering with Billie Kay

Billie Kay (Via WWE)

Former WWE star Peyton Royce has shared insights into the formation of The IIconics with her partner Billie Kay when they first joined the WWE main roster.

When Royce and Kay initially debuted in “WWE NXT” in 2015, they were known as the “Iconic Duo.” However, this changed when they were informed they would be joining “WWE Smackdown.”

In a recent appearance on “Ring the Belle,” Royce explained that the name “Iconic Duo” couldn’t be trademarked, and WWE wanted them to create something entirely new.

Peyton Royce (Via WWE)

“I think it couldn’t be trademarked cause it was just a regular phrase, so they’re like you’ve got to come up with something new and so we were going to come up with something completely different away from that,

And then we’re like no like this is who we are and this is you know, what we’ve put all our work and energy into creating the Iconic Duo so let’s try and like make it work, so that’s where the IIconics came from.”

Royce also reflected on The IIconics’ popular backstage segments where they humorously interviewed various WWE stars each week. She credited Kay for always making her laugh.

IIconics Group (Via WWE)

“I knew that like Jess [Kay] was going to make me laugh and I think that’s what people love, watching those videos ’cause Jess is hilarious …

they just kind of worked but it didn’t really matter who we were with cause it was a different dynamic and that’s what was fun for us.”

Royce gave birth to her first child in January 2023 and returned to the ring in October, where she competed in World Series Wrestling in Australia and won the WSW Women’s championship.

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