Former WWE Superstar Mark Henry Remembers His Time With Owen and Bret Hart

Owen and Bret Hart (Via WWF)

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry has shared insights into his relationship with Bret Hart and Owen Hart, explaining how their comedic nature would ensure their success in today’s wrestling industry.

Henry has been vocal about his close relationship with the Hart brothers throughout the mid to late 1990s, especially his bond with Owen when Henry began wrestling for WWE in 1996.

While both Bret and Owen were known for their in-ring talent, many wrestlers have highlighted their humor both on-screen and backstage, particularly Owen.

Mark Henry (Via WWE)

In a recent episode of “Six Feet Under” with Mark Calaway, Henry discussed Owen’s potential to be one of the most entertaining wrestlers in WWE’s current state and how both brothers would have thrived financially in this generation of wrestling.

“Owen would be the most entertaining dude in wrestling today, because now it’s really entertainment.

There’s a comedic element to it, there’s never been nobody funnier than Owen Hart,” Henry said. “I’m telling you, they would be so over today, nobody would be remotely close.

Owen and Bret Hart (Via WWF)

There was no such thing as ‘Jackass,’ there was no such thing as ‘Punk’d,’ they were doing that way back, way back. Bro, they would be so rich.”

Henry continued sharing stories and reminiscing about his time with Owen during the Attitude Era, specifically recalling an incident where Owen brought barnyard animals to Vince McMahon’s office, including chickens, goats, and a pig.

According to Henry, when McMahon searched for the prankster, Owen claimed “he wasn’t even there.” “The World’s Strongest Man” also revealed that Owen taught him how to get used to the locker room, sharing a story about threatening to kill Shawn Michaels.

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