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Eric Bischoff Reveals the WWE Personality Whom He Respects the Most

Eric Bischoff (Via WWE)

During his tenure leading World Championship Wrestling, Eric Bischoff was known for having close relationships with several roster members, including Kevin Nash, Diamond Dallas Page, and Hulk Hogan.

However, on “83 Weeks,” Bischoff revealed a somewhat surprising name to co-host Conrad Thompson as the person he respected the most in the wrestling business.

“Of all the people I’ve worked with, there’s nobody I respect more than Steve Regal,” Bischoff said. “In terms of his integrity, his professionalism, his view of the product and what the product needs to be, he’s such an amazing asset.”

Conrad Thompson (Via WWE)

Bischoff recounted a recent outing where they rented an Airbnb, allowing the former colleagues to reconnect. Bischoff said Regal’s stories opened his eyes to the challenges of breaking into the wrestling business in the UK in the early ’80s.

This naturally brought up one of Regal’s contemporaries, often linked to him in terms of style and toughness: Fit Finlay.

“The stories he told me about Fit [Finlay] and some of the things they went through were fascinating,” Bischoff said.

Eric Bischoff (Via WWE)

“I didn’t really appreciate or have the opportunity to appreciate or to get to know somebody as amazing as Fit Finlay.

He’s such a classy guy, and he’s so good but he never really got the attention, creative attention that he really deserved because he was that freaking good and he had so much ability to do so many different things because of his experience. But I love learning about it now.”

Bischoff is not the only wrestling executive to hold Regal in high regard. Triple H has commended him in the past for his work in NXT. Meanwhile, Fit Finlay has been praised for his contributions to WWE’s Women’s Division.

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