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WWE Champion Cody Rhodes Loves the Idea of ‘The Enforcer’ With Him

Cody Rhodes (Via WWE)

Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes recently discussed his thoughts on having someone represent him as a manager during his title reign.

Rhodes, who was famously managed by WWE Legend Arn Anderson during his time in AEW, has been operating independently since his return to WWE.

During a recent appearance on “Busted Open Radio,” Rhodes expressed his admiration for Anderson and explained why he preferred having “The Enforcer” as his manager due to the resemblance to his father.

Cody Rhodes (Via WWE)

“One of the reasons I appreciated having Arn Anderson by my side was similar to the feeling I would’ve had with my dad.

I’m fortunate, I acknowledge my hard work, and I’m grateful, but having someone behind me to reinforce those sentiments, to refuse to apologize for greatness, was invaluable. It was reassuring to have that guiding voice.”

Cody Rhodes (Via WWE)

Reflecting on his recent encounter with United States Champion Logan Paul on “WWE Smackdown,” Rhodes highlighted a moment where he felt the absence of a manager and expressed uncertainty about who could fill that role.

“It struck me during the contract signing with Logan when I saw him surrounded by so many individuals… Perhaps I’m seeking a traditional wrestling manager to accompany me during this title reign, but I’m unsure who that might be.”

Rhodes is scheduled to defend his Undisputed WWE championship against Paul at the King and Queen of the Ring event in Saudi Arabia.

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