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Tony Schiavone Admires WWE Hall of Famer Gorilla Monsoon for His Impressive Presence on Stage

Gorilla Monsoon (Via WWE)

WWE Hall of Famer Gorilla Monsoon hails from a wrestling era that many modern fans might not be familiar with. Nevertheless, his legacy continues to leave a lasting impression on many veterans of the industry.

Reflecting on Monsoon’s impact and his personal bond with the late legend, Tony Schiavone shared his sentiments on the “What Happened When?” podcast.

Schiavone highlighted Monsoon’s larger-than-life persona, noting how he effortlessly commanded respect and admiration simply through his presence.

Tony Schiavone (Via AEW)

“The studio, back in the locker room areas, just so respected by everybody… And the way he handled himself –- the way he talked? One of the greatest men ever. Truly, one of the nicest, greatest men ever.”

Additionally, Schiavone reminisced on Monsoon’s unwavering self-assurance and indifference to others’ opinions.

“Some people don’t give a f**k, and you can tell they don’t give a f**k because of the way they put their effort into their work, but Gorilla Monsoon just knew who he was and knew – he just carried himself around like a, just a… Gigantic larger-than-life person.”

Gorilla Monsoon (Via WWF)

Following his in-ring career, Monsoon transitioned into booking and commentating, an area from which Schiavone claimed to have gleaned invaluable knowledge from the legend.

“I can’t say enough about him, how much I respected him, how much I really loved him, and I say that honestly… And he was one of those guys that I worked with; he and JR taught me a lot about announcing and how to put things over and how to sell things.”

Harshad Patel

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