Ariane Carnelossi Will Have Facial Surgery After Brutal Headbutts at UFC Vegas 92

Ariane Carnelossi (Via UFC)

Ariane Carnelossi will undergo surgery due to the damage sustained during her controversial fight against Piera Rodriguez at UFC Vegas 92, her manager Tiago Okamura informed MMA Fighting. The surgery is scheduled for early next week.

Rodriguez was disqualified by referee Mark Smith after two illegal headbutts were deemed intentional during their bout at the UFC APEX on May 18. Initially, Carnelossi’s team hoped to avoid surgery, but doctors have recommended the procedure to expedite her recovery.

Piera Rodriguez (Via UFC)

After returning to Brazil a few days following the match, an MRI revealed that Carnelossi suffered fractures to her nose and zygomatic bone, with the latter likely resulting from the second headbutt.

According to Carnelossi’s doctor, she will need to refrain from training for a week post-surgery and then engage in non-impact training for a month. “Sorriso” is expected to fully recover from the zygomatic bone fracture in three months.

UFC Vegas 92 (Via UFC)

Following the fight, Rodriguez took to social media to criticize the Brazilian, writing, “I’d rather lose a fight because of a mistake I did, than go home calling myself a ‘winner’ knowing I am a coward.”

Carnelossi, preparing for her 14th surgery since joining the UFC in 2019, responded to Rodriguez on her social media, stating, “What people need to understand is that what often differentiates humans from animals are the rules.”

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