Chael Sonnen to Become UFC Hall of Famer After A Shinning Career

Chael Sonnen (Via UFC)

Chael Sonnen is set to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, and to honor this milestone, the MMA Fighting crew reflects on his remarkable career in the latest episode of DAMN! They Were Good, celebrating “The Bad Guy.”

In the first half of Sonnen’s career, “The American Gangster” was largely unremarkable—a fighter with a lackluster style who failed to capture much attention.

He fell short in the UFC when given the opportunity and missed the mark in his bid for the WEC middleweight title, seeming destined to join the ranks of forgotten journeymen in MMA.

Chael Sonnen (Via UFC)

But then everything changed.

Sonnen decided that fading into obscurity wasn’t an option, so he reinvented himself by adopting a pro-wrestling-inspired persona to enhance his marketability.

While his fighting style remained consistent, his verbal skills transformed, and suddenly, Sonnen became a major figure in the sport.

Chael Sonnen (Via UFC)

His rivalry with Anderson Silva defined the early 2010s in MMA. Although Sonnen never secured a major title in MMA, he made a lasting impact on the combat sports world.

In this episode, the crew discusses their favorite moments and highlights from Sonnen’s career, examines how he orchestrated this incredible turnaround, and even delves into the mysterious figure of Homer Moore. All this and more are explored in the latest episode of DAMN! They Were Good.

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