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Booker T Analyses the Current Young Talents on WWE NXT

Booker T (Via WWE)

As the resident color commentator of the “WWE NXT” brand, Booker T enjoys a prime vantage point to observe all the action and development among WWE’s up-and-coming stars.

From this perspective, Booker frequently witnesses the growth of these young talents, several of whom he recently praised on “The Hall of Fame” podcast.

“That television time [on NXT] is worth its weight in gold,” Booker said. “It truly, truly is. It’s what you do with it.

Like this kid, Je’Von Evans, right now, he’s making the most of his time in the ring. That time is definitely worth its weight in gold, and I’ve talked to him about that.”

WWE NXT Talents (Via WWE)

As Booker alluded to, Deadlock Pro Wrestling alumni Je’Von Evans has made a strong impression early in his “NXT” career, receiving praise from both Booker and former WWE Champion Big E.

Similarly, Booker had many positive things to say about the Meta-Four faction, which includes Lash Legend, Jakara Jackson, Noam Dar, and Oro Mensah.

“Lash has grown as a performer,” Booker said. “She’s grown so much as an in-ring performer. And I’ve always had my eye on Noam Dar as being one of the guys that really knows how to go out and perform at another level.

WWE NXT Talents (Via WWE)

He’s a special, special talent … Then my main man, Mensah, and let’s not forget Jakara. [She] definitely gives a bright light to Meta-Four.”

Booker also praised current NXT Champion Trick Williams, describing his ascent in “NXT” as a “meteoric rise.”

Beyond his in-ring success, Booker emphasized that Williams carries himself like a star, so much so that he undoubtedly passes the long-time “airport test,” where even non-wrestling fans are intrigued by his presence.

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