TKO Brings Key Teams From WWE and UFC Together

TKO brings WWE and UFC Together (Via TKO)

Following the merge of WWE and UFC into TKO, the conglomerate is in a phase of ongoing consolidation, as evidenced by the recent announcement that the previously distinct live event divisions will be unified.

This news was confirmed through a press release, revealing the merged division as the TKO Live Events Strategy Team.

Executive Peter Dropick, formerly at the helm of UFC’s live event division, has been appointed to lead the integrated group.

The press release outlined Dropick’s collaborative role with executives from WWE, UFC, and TKO, including luminaries like Paul “Triple H” Levesque, Dana White, Nick Khan, and others.

With nearly two decades of experience within UFC, Dropick assumes the role of TKO’s Executive Vice President of Event Development and Operations.

WrestleMania 39 Arena (Via Getty Images)

In addition to emphasizing the pursuit of “operational efficiencies,” the decision to merge the divisions is motivated by the aim to facilitate joint strategizing between WWE and UFC to enhance the prospects of securing lucrative site fees.

These fees, a pivotal component of WWE’s business model, involve local governments paying to host WWE and UFC events in their respective cities, with marquee events yielding substantial revenue for both wrestling and MMA promotions.

Since the official TKO merger last October, WWE has undergone notable transformations.

TKO brings WWE and UFC Together (Via TKO)

Notably, Vince McMahon’s resignation from both WWE and TKO earlier this year, following allegations of rape and sex trafficking in a civil lawsuit, marked a significant development.

In his absence, Levesque and Khan have assumed prominent roles as the creative and business leaders of WWE, respectively.

The recent WWE WrestleMania 40 event proved to be a commercial success, garnering record-breaking viewership and gate receipts, with over 145,000 attendees over two nights.

Concurrently, UFC continues its upward trajectory, as evidenced by the success of last month’s UFC 300 event, boasting a turnout of 20,067 fans and a gate revenue of $16.5 million, as highlighted in the press release.

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