Conor Mcgregor Casts Shade on Upcoming Leon Edwards vs. Belal Muhammad at UFC 304

Conor Mcgregor (Via UFC)

Conor McGregor has always aimed to expand his UFC title collection, with welterweight gold possibly being his next target.

As he gears up to fight Michael Chandler at 170 pounds at UFC 303, the former two-division champion expressed his interest in reclaiming the lightweight title he once held or perhaps pursuing a new goal.

McGregor mentioned his current plans to fight at welterweight and took aim at the reigning UFC champion, Leon Edwards.

“Even look at the welterweight picture, which is my next weight, the welterweight picture,” McGregor said during a Duelbits live chat. “Leon Edwards — Nate Diaz almost knocked him out, had him out on his feet.

If that was going on [with me], Leon’s unconscious. Also [Donald] Cerrone went the distance with him.”

Leon Edwards vs. Belal Muhammad (Via UFC)

McGregor’s previous welterweight bouts were against Diaz and Cerrone, resulting in a 2-1 record in the division. However, McGregor has yet to face a lifelong welterweight, a trend that will continue when he fights Chandler, who has competed his entire career at 155 pounds.

Nonetheless, McGregor believes the welterweight division is ripe for the taking, especially for a star of his caliber. He points to the upcoming title fight at 170 pounds, where Edwards will face Belal Muhammad in July, as evidence that the UFC would welcome him challenging for that belt.

“There’s too many decisions going on now with that Leon fella,” McGregor said. “Leon Edwards loves a decision. Then he’s fighting another decision guy, your man Belal. Not great times in the welterweight title picture.

“[UFC 303 sells 200,000 pay-per-view] buys probably, not even — 150,000 buys, if it’s even a pay-per-view. It’s probably not even a pay-per-view.”

Although Edwards vs. Muhammad is set as a pay-per-view headliner at UFC 304, McGregor seems uninterested in watching—though that might change if he defeats Chandler and then sets his sights on the welterweight title.

Leon Edwards vs. Belal Muhammad (Via UFC)

Whether it’s welterweight gold or perhaps a rematch with old foe Max Holloway for the “BMF” title, McGregor prefers adding new accolades to his résumé rather than pursuing something he’s already won.

“I’m looking at all these belts,” McGregor said. “The lightweight world title, although I’ve held that — how excited would I be to cut that weight again after winning it already? I’ve already held the belt.

“I’d be excited about the ‘Bad Mother F*cker’ title and I’d be excited about the welterweight title. We’ll see what happens. I take things as they come.”

Regardless of whether it’s lightweight, welterweight, or BMF, McGregor anticipates a shot at a UFC title in the near future. He also believes the promotion should create another belt to recognize the attention he has brought to the championships.

“There should be a McGregor belt or some sort of money belt,” McGregor said. “The UFC needs to come up with one for me. Because all of these things were created off the back of me.”

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